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About The Founder

Sherry-Ann Brown MD, PhD, FACC, FAHA founded My Heart Risk just for you. For a woman wanting to learn more about your heart health and your risk of heart problems. For a man who is seeking to know more about whether you will have heart disease or have worsening of heart disease. Especially if you have ever been diagnosed with cancer. For anyone wanting to protect their hearts and precious time with loved ones.

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My Story

As part of the prestigious Clinician Investigator program at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, Dr. Sherry-Ann Brown completed a fellowship in cardiology. She has national board certifications in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Diseases. She is licensed in 47 states to practice medicine and care for her patients' hearts. Specifically, she pursues patient care, education, research, and community engagement and emphasizes the intersection between cardio-oncology and preventive cardiology. Dr. Brown's role as a cardio-oncologist and preventive cardiologist allows her to share in her patients' inspiring experiences as they fight to beat cancer. She works to safeguard the hearts of both cancer patients and healthy people in her role.  

She attended the University of Connecticut as part of the prestigious Medical Scientist Training Program funded by the National Institutes of Health. Her doctorate in biomedical science was earned at the same time as her medical degree. Using precision medicine, artificial intelligence, digital health, and other types of innovation, she studies cardio-oncology and preventive cardiology to help improve the quality of life of all of her patients and clients.

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